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We have covered a lot of ground in previous columns.

We’ve looked at Information, Explanation, and a Game Plan consisting of Communication, Collaboration, and Execution; then last month we discussed Issues, Actions, and Tactics. All those business traits go into the job hopper, and what comes out of the hopper is the example you set—the mark you leave with others and the ethics that you represent.

Regardless of your position within your organization or the level of responsibility you carry, these are significant traits and will indicate to all others how you will be perceived as a professional. It is what you will become known for in all the years you continue to invest in your career.

How do others see you?

These traits are not strictly related to sales—but moreover, the way you conduct yourself, whether in external sales, technical support, internal support, or within the manufacturing and operational environment.

As has been reiterated many times by many people, ACTIVE LISTENING is intrinsic to everyone’s success. Listening is the key to providing solutions to your customers, to solving internal issues within your organization, to instilling a positive collaborative environment internally and externally, and ultimately to creating new innovative products and services.

Communicating is very important!

Communicating with clarity and responding in a timely fashion are vital traits in all that you do! Customers as well as colleagues expect, demand, and deserve to be heard, deserve an answer, and need to feel they are part of a partnering environment because—as we have all witnessed—not one company or enterprise has been successful based on the efforts of one individual. It takes the efforts of a group of individuals working towards the same objective.

What I have observed from so many successful companies and successful leaders in our industry is that when those traits are executed consistently, the example that is ultimately set can benefit everyone in the organization. That consistency, over time, leaves a mark. The mark is one of reliability, confidence, and trust. All those important attributes define your business ethics. Sound business ethics can be seen by all those around you, but integrity is a trait others will sense. All this speaks to your reputation which is ultimately important for a long tenure and rewarding career.

What happens to price?

Using these traits, based on what I have witnessed in our industry, will also take price off the table. Although every marketing survey that is conducted ranks price for a product/service fairly low on the priority list, we all know on a day-to-day basis that price is an enormous influence for all levels in the supply chain.

However, I have observed many firms who produce and sell high quality and innovative products that are typically more expensive than their competitor, but they continue to succeed and continue to grow their market share because they can consistently deliver the traits I have attempted to describe above. Price is important—but consistent deliverables, exceptional fill rates, quick turnaround time, and a high level of integrity will always win the day!

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