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CARQUEST Canada held a pretty special Car Show July 12 with some very impressive guests—Graham Rahal and Courtney Force—who incidentally are married and the son and daughter of a couple of winning race drivers, Bobby Rahal and John Force!

They both were very accommodating and personable people… they took the time to visit the Car Show and speak with car owners on hand before going to the autograph and photo-taking session that had been planned for them. The couple spoke with everyone on a one-on-one basis and happily had their photos taken with each person. Rahal, of course, was in town to compete in the Toronto Indy race.

Some great vehicles

The Car Show brought out some beauties… well not exactly ‘beautiful’ in the case of the ’36 Ford ½-ton pickup, ’41 Ford 1//2-ton pickup, ’46 For1/2-ton pickup… but very driveable! In fact, the ’36 and the ’41 had been driven from London, Ontario for the show along with a ’70 Dodge 1/2-ton pickup! The ’36, owned by Glenn Grubb, a London CARQUEST Manager, was built by himself and his friend, Jason.

Not all the vehicles were old… in fact some pretty spiffy, ‘duded out’ cars appeared for the show as well… polished to a mirror!

A BBQ feast was also provided for all cooked by the CARQUEST staff!

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