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The July 2018 issue of CarCare Business is now available online. You can flip through it here, but first, a few words from the Associate Publisher of CarCare Business, Shirley Brown.

Forging Ahead

Now is the time to forge ahead.

Get your business ready for the near future and beyond. You need to think ahead and think positively. The automotive aftermarket has a lot going for it today.

People are keeping their vehicles longer and bringing them to you for service. Consumers don’t trust dealers as much as they used to. That’s good business for you! People are finally starting to realize they don’t have to take their vehicle back to the dealer because of “the warranty.” Yay!

You do have some concerns looming—the electric car, for one. You will need to get proper training in order to fix them, but you can do that. There are many training sessions available. And how about telematics? This is something you really need to conquer.


Telematics will greatly enhance your business. Just think… your favourite client’s car will be able to get in touch with you and tell you it needs a new fan belt! Pretty impressive—and the dealers are already utilizing this—so get this technology under your belt now! It will sure help boost your bottom line!

A report from Frost & Sullivan on global aftermarket demand says that “it will increase 4.4 percent during 2018” and that “telematics, e-commerce and 3D printing will form key foundations in the evolution of the OEM aftersales channel. OEMs will attempt to integrate all aftersales channels into a single, digital platform.”

Leverage data

“The development of applications to leverage data collection from on-road vehicles will open up opportunities for data monetization (coin into money) with service providers aiming to deliver innovative predictive maintenance solutions around this trend,” said Vasudevan Rajesh, Mobility Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

The report also suggested that you develop e-retailing to boost online sales, but I’m sure you’ve already done this, haven’t you?

Just a few suggestions as to how you can drive your business into the future… which isn’t far away!

Click here to read the July 2018 edition of CarCare Business

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