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Bluelake BioCleans has introduced a new solution for keeping today’s gas engines, especially GDI fuel systems, clean from carbon deposits.

All-new chemistry attacks and cleans up carbon build-up in potentially millions of 2012 and newer vehicles on the road today.

“For many years, Bluelake has offered differentiated products meeting consumer needs. My team is leading the industry with the launch of BioCleans Gas Rapid PCV,” said Ray Wellman, General Manager, Bluelake Enterprises Ltd.

BioCleans Gas Rapid PCV, BioCleans Gas and BioCleans D-SYL not only clean engine carbon build-up but also protect today’s modern engines by minimizing carbon build-up on intake valves, pistons, and turbochargers.

“Gas Rapid PCV is a significant upgrade that will attack and significantly clean up potential carbon build-up in newer engines thereby reducing poor driveability symptoms that occur in today’s gasoline engines,” said Wellman. “Consumers are now becoming aware of this issue and how it can impact millions of newer vehicles on the road today.”

Engines in 2012 vehicles and newer including GDI engines are built smaller and more efficient than ever. As a result, they run hotter and are more susceptible to developing fuel and oil-related carbon build-up. For more information go to biocleans.ca.

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