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Today, speed is necessary.

As we move into hyper mode once the spring season begins to heat up in the service bays, we are all faced with the challenge of delivering our service accurately and most importantly, quickly. And… we want it now!

Last month we talked about product and the expectation through the distribution supply chain to show our product attributes and services to the ASP… our ultimate customer.

We talked about the ‘Threes’— Information, Explanation, and a Game Plan to get your products and services communicated, to inform and explain, and a game plan to let them know how they can acquire those products and services. Remember, the client base does not have a lot of time due to the pace of their business, so being clear and concise with your message is vital!

The next phase

Now we should briefly discuss the next phase of the sales cycle, which demands the next series of the ‘Threes,’ and they are Communication, Collaboration, and Execution.

For the Warehouse Distributor and the Jobber, these three elements of the process are also vital for ultimate success.

Communication as mentioned before is less about talking and more about listening to the customer’s needs and requirements and getting that information back into your organization. That will be in the form of your reporting tools, which vary from company to company. Phone, E-Mail and CRM reporting tools are all examples of what many companies utilize today. Reporting quickly delivers speed of response and reaction.

Collaboration is the work that takes place internally to ensure your firm delivers the products and services based on the customer needs and requirements. This is where the distributor will deal with any challenges or obstacles that could be encountered and will deal with those challenges before the end customer receives the product. You only want to deliver the product once and want to avoid having to return to the ASP because the original order was wrong!

Execution is the action to put those requirements into play whether they be delivering answers or solutions, and ultimately delivery of the goods. Execution, when driven consistently, will address speed. A knowledgeable Counter Sales Team, a well-organized and experienced team in Distribution, a proactive Logistics team to ensure you have adequate inventories and a consistent transportation model will all accomplish your ability to react, respond and deliver… quickly!

Deliver consistently

Many companies are providing this already and have excellent reputations as a result.

Based on what I have seen during my many years in the service industry, these are the day-to-day attributes that if delivered consistently, make the difference for any company that wants to be considered exceptional.

This requires a robust process within your organization, access to current and accurate data, a collaborative environment internally to work together as a team, and ultimately consistent delivery of your goods and services on time. Set these attributes as your benchmarks and never look back.

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