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OTC has announced the new 7177 Extendable Indexing Pry Bar, available now in North America, for heavy-duty applications in the automotive industries and more.

The pry bar is designed for maintenance tasks such as positioning/repositioning engines or equipment, aligning heavy steel plates or panels, prying large heavy objects such as decking, grates, covers and general movement of obstructions.

The combination of the extendable reach and the pivoting head of the new pry bar allows access to many jobs where other traditional pry bars may be more limited. Extending and indexing adjustments are made with separate oversized pins, allowing length and angle adjustments to be made quickly. A knurled base handle creates a strong, secure grip for maximum leverage.

A 13/16” wide prying head can be adjusted 180 degrees to get the right leverage needed. The bar can be extended from 34” to 53” using 31 preset positions that are set in 5/8” increments. Optimal loading of 1,500-2,200 lbs. is made possible by its heavy-duty 13/16” steel bar and 1-3/8” tubular extension.

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