AIA, CAMRA, Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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Aftermarket trade associations from Canada and China meet in Niagara Falls.

On May 4, during the Fix Automotive Network Conference in Niagara Falls, Ont., a special Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony took place between the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) and the China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trades Association (CAMRA).

In 2017, a delegation from AIA led by President Jean-Francois Champagne visited China and came together with representatives from CAMRA, culminating in the signing of an agreement by Champagne and CAMRA President Fengling Wang.

On May 4, both associations came together once more in Niagara Falls for signing a cooperation agreement on Canadian soil.

In China, CAMRA is a national maintenance and repair trade association that represents industries, businesses and individuals within the automotive maintenance and repair sector.

Through the signing of this Strategic Cooperation Agreement, both AIA and Canada aim to promote mutual cooperation, share resources and develop a healthy, vibrant aftermarket industry between both countries.

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