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The April 2018 issue of CarCare Business is now available online. You can flip through it here, but first, a few words from the Associate Publisher of CarCare Business, Shirley Brown. 

Making the Correct Decisions?

It’s a new day. Good or bad is up to you!

You are the only one that can make your business day good—or conversely, bad! You are the one making decisions… are you making the correct ones?

When was the last time you took a look around your shop or store and thought, “Is this working well for me? Are we servicing our clients to the best of our ability? Do my techs keep up-to-date with the latest in technology? Do I have the correct equipment to help them repair the vehicles they work on to keep our clients safe? Do I have the proper inventory to help my clients—the ASP—repair vehicles properly? Are my management skills current?”

There are questions that you need to ask yourself and your staff. Failing to ask them can hinder the progress of the business. Are you modern and in the present? Or are you still where you were 15 years ago? Because it worked well then, it should work well now, right? Wrong!!!

Backwards or forwards?

If you’re “back there,” you won’t be “in the future.” Because of all the automakers’ new technology, things have changed drastically. You must keep up. You must change. You must make different decisions.

Take a look around you… how many stores or shops have closed since you started your business? Did you ever stop to think why they closed? Lack of business, likely. And why?

Because they didn’t have the knowledge they needed to forge ahead. They didn’t make the proper business decisions to keep their business going forward.

Make the correct decision for now and the future. Take a business management course. Keep your staff up-to-date about current products, services, and technology. Make sure your technicans know the latest technology. Make the correct business decisions to be here down the road. It’s all in your hands.

Only you can make or break your business!

Click here to read the April 2018 edition of CarCare Business

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