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Centric Parts offers a new line of TACTICAL Police Duty Brake Pads by StopTech.

These lab-developed brake pads have been engineered to deliver extended service life and fade-free performance under the most grueling conditions. The TACTICAL Police Duty Brake Pads line uses specially formulated friction compounds that are designed to eliminate fade in high-speed pursuit situations and work silently when stealth is required.

Police DutyThey feature industry-leading Mu500 “Chemically Enhanced Friction Performance and Silent On Arrival” noise abatement technology and are AMECA (Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency) approved.

AMECA-approved brake pads must be precision engineered to provide superior and silent braking performance under the extreme driving conditions experienced by officers in pursuit and patrol situations.

Sean Gaffney, StopTech Test Engineering Manager, noted, “In creating the StopTech TACTICAL Brake Pad line, we set out to develop a friction formulation specifically tailored to public service vehicles and the demanding conditions of their duty patrol cycles.

StopTech TACTICAL has been laboratory developed and dyno tested through industry standard test protocols in the AMECA program. The result is an exceptional service duty friction formulation that bears the AMECA certification, clearly indicating that StopTech TACTICAL will meet or exceed OE performance requirements.

TACTICAL Police Duty Brake Pads by StopTech come with NRS backing plates to help provide maximum pad retention and include OE design hardware for easy installation. Centric Parts offers TACTICAL Police Duty Brake Pads for all current police pursuit/patrol vehicles including Chevrolet Caprice, Impala and Tahoe, Dodge Charger, Ford Crown Victoria, Police Interceptor (Explorer) and Police Interceptor Sedan (Taurus).

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