Total Canada Launches Total Quartz 9000

Total Canada launches its new generation of Total Quartz 9000 Future FGC 0W-20 and 5W-30 with the new dexos1 Gen2 approvals.

Available starting February, Total is launching its new generation of Total products with dexos1 Gen2 approval for its clients, distributors, and partners. The Total Quartz 9000 Future FGC 0W-20 and 5W-30 are particularly well-suited for engines that use GDI & TGDI technology and use the newest fluid and synthetic engine oils.

“Total Canada is driven by the passenger cars market evolution, and it’s the reason why we’re launching those new Total Quartz products. Those products are a must-have for the after-sale market as it has official approvals from many passenger cars manufacturers,” says Franck Bagouet, President and General Manager of Total Canada Inc.

The new generation of Total Quartz products comes with many benefits such as maintaining maximum fuel economy, reducing sludge and improving engine cleanliness, significantly reducing low-speed pre-ignition, reducing turbocharger deposits or improving oxidation control.

Our Total Quartz range is formulated with the Fuel Economy technology, designed to provide maximum protection for the engines of our vehicles, improve their running, improve their performance and enable major fuel savings.

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june, 2021

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