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This year marks Total Canada’s 10th anniversary on Canadian soil, a milestone that the lubricant company celebrated, along with 200 invitees assembled at Montreal’s Science Centre on January 17th, to celebrate this important event.

Business partners from across the country attended the Montreal event celebrating a decade of collaboration which has allowed the French energy company to prosper across all of Canada, while continuing to build brand recognition, most notably on Canadian racing circuits.

Total Canada President Franck Bagouet was well accompanied for the occasion, as he played host to Total Executive Vice-President North and Central America, Ernst Wanten, who wished to personally thank the Total Canada business partners who’ve contributed to their Canadian success.

“We wanted to invite our loyal customers so we could personally thank them for their trust and support, as they accompanied the TOTAL Canada team over these last 10 years, thus allowing us to grow and prosper,” explained Wanten.

“It was equally important that these celebrations be held in Montreal, where the majority of our production is based. This year marks a milestone for Total Canada, as we leverage this success and achievements in the pursuit of our long-term growth strategy,” Bagouet added.

Montreal is the epicenter of Total Canada activities, as it handles 95% of the total Canadian lubricant production from its LaSalle facility.

Here are some of the highlights, in pictures, of the event that took place at the Montreal Science Centre.

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