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Spectra Premium’s latest North American product release includes 79 new SKUs covering over 17 million vehicles in operation, of which 23 products are first-to-market exclusive aftermarket parts.

Spectra Premium grew its engine management category with 33 new parts, including 12 VVT solenoids, 6 mass air flow, 3 crankshaft position sensors, 3 camshaft position sensors, 3 EGR pressure sensors, 2 ignition coils and one first-to-market electronic throttle body for popular applications.

The cooling system category now counts 20 new SKUs with 8 heavy-duty aluminum radiators, 8 A/C condensers, 3 complete radiators, and 3 engine coolant reservoirs.

Its fuel delivery category counts several exclusive first-to-market parts with 2 fuel lines, one fuel tank sending unit and one fuel pump cam follower. The category also adds 10 filler neck hose and 6 fuel tank filler necks.

Finally, the oil pan selection has broadened to include 3 first-to-market oil pans exclusive to Spectra Premium.

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