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Bosch Automotive Aftermarket North America will launch a new sensory campaign for its ICON beam windshield wiper blades on December 26, 2017.

The new campaign will highlight the chaos and stress that occurs when driving in extreme weather, paired with the sense of calm and confidence once certainty is restored. The campaign is a first for the category, which is mostly focused on promoting product features.

“Our goal was to create a memorable feeling, with relatable experiences,” said Jean-Philippe Persico, Manager, Digital Innovation & Strategy, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket North America. “We find that people aren’t thinking about their windshield wipers until they’re malfunctioning, and too often that hits during extreme weather conditions.”

Bosch partnered with agency Bailey Lauerman to bring the idea to life with a 30-second TV spot entitled, “Calm in the storm,” scheduled to be played during key college football bowl games including the Cactus Bowl on 12/26, the Valero Alamo Bowl on 12/28 and the AutoZone Liberty Bowl on 12/30.

Geo- and weather-targeted radio and digital campaigns will supplement the TV spots, helping highlight the ICON beam windshield wiper blade during adverse weather nationwide.

The 30-second TV spot can be viewed here as well as on select broadcast programs and live sporting events over the course of the 6-week campaign.



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