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Hubb Filters has released three new white papers on the topic of oil filtration.

They are available to download for free at www.hubbfilters.com/white-papers. The topics include: “Is Your Oil Filter Short Changing Your Engine’s Protection?” “Reduce Your Oil Change Costs By Up to 50 Percent” and “How to Set Up An Oil Analysis Program.”

“Our goal with these new white papers is to help fleet managers reduce oil management costs and reduce engine risk by implementing simple process changes in combination with the installation of the HUBB filter,” said HUBB CEO Scott Killips. “Our customers are saving 30-50 percent on their oil change costs and are surprised by the ease of the implementation.”

“The white papers bring a clear understanding to the topic of oil filtration — a subject that is often overlooked and misunderstood, especially by fleet owners,” said Killips. “We want to show fleet managers that the lowly oil filter represents a meaningful and easy cost savings opportunity.”

The technology-focused white paper argues that fleets have a choice when it comes to oil filter technology. “While conventional filters are less expensive, they have several fundamental flaws,” explained Killips. “In comparison, reusable filters offer better design and material to ensure that oil lubricates the engine effectively and efficiently and, potentially, reduces long-term cost.”

The white paper on reducing oil changes by 50 percent talks about historical recommendations that call for oil changes every 3,000 miles or every three months. The paper argues that advancements in oil and oil filter technology have changed how fleets should view the typical oil change interval. Some of the innovations and best practices to follow are outlined with a preventive maintenance plan designed to optimize a fleet’s oil change regimen.

As part of the oil analysis white paper, HUBB outlines why oil analysis is a must for every fleet because it provides objectivity and peace of mind when determining how to save thousands of dollars in oil change costs.

“Based on our extensive research and experience in this arena, these white papers are designed to expand the fleet owner’s perspective on the impact of modern technology on oil filtration,” concluded Killips.

Fleet field results collected by HUBB along with independent oil analysis, demonstrate that HUBB can save a typical 2,000-vehicle fleet $500,000 over a four-year period.
Backed by the industry’s first 100,000-mile or 5,000-hour guarantee, HUBB Filters stands by its promise to deliver superior filtration, engine protection and more speed and volume of oil flow, and is supported by hundreds of satisfied customers and independent testing.

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