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Investment is needed for independent shops to survive.

Diagnosing or inspecting modern vehicles is difficult. But are we as independent automotive repair facilities, really in the game?

I understand as a shop owner the issues associated with investing net profit on OEM diagnostic equipment, but does it make financial sense to send the repairs to the dealer based on the lack of training or equipment needed to repair vehicles today?

I understand the costs associated with repairing vehicles but without the ability to reprogram or update the computer software on a vehicle, the average independent automotive repair facility cannot repair the vehicle of today or the vehicle of tomorrow!

A vital part

When do we wake up and realize that we are a vital component of the automotive industry and that we need to invest in technology and our business?

We need to invest in OEM reprograming equipment to repair the complicated and highly technical issues with today’s vehicles.

In the past, I have read many articles about charging for diagnostics or inspections. I have read articles on OEM information and computer reprogramming and thought that I need to change the way I charge for diagnostics and inspections. When are we going to change?

When as a group are we, as independent service providers, going to recognize and understand that without OEM reprogramming we are not going to repair the car of today, or tomorrow?

Not really a problem

It’s simple. Find a way to invest in OEM computer reprogramming. With a door rate of $100 per hour, the average shop would need to inspect and charge for 60 diagnostic inspections in one year to pay for a $6,000 OEM scan tool! With an average 2000 to 3000 work orders per year that should not be a problem!

My professional repair facility is going to invest that money to repair the complex and highly technical diagnostic issues that our clients face on a daily basis.

My question to you is, are you going to make the necessary investment to repair the vehicles of today and tomorrow? Are you going to say, “I am going to be prepared to repair the vehicle of today and the vehicle of tomorrow”?

Step back and realize how important you really are to the automotive industry! We need to recognize the opportunity we have as long as we recognize the opportunity right in front of us!

Invest in your business, invest in yourself. You are worth it!

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