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By harnessing the power, performance and run-time of M12 FUEL technology, Milwaukee Tool has introduced its new M12 FUEL Ratchets, billed as the first cordless solutions to offer the power and size to replace pneumatic ratchets.

According to a statement from Milwaukee Tool, these are the highest torque cordless ratchets on the market. These tools deliver up to 60ft-lbs of torque, while also offering a compact head design for unparalleled access into tight spaces.  This performance is driven by the tool’s POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, making these the world’s first ratchets with brushless motors.

“When we introduced our M12 Cordless Ratchets in 2011 we focused on replacing one of the most common hand tools in the world with a cordless solution that increased productivity for our users. However, a majority of professionals still used pneumatic ratchets due to the power output over the current cordless solutions,” said Eric Rusch, Senior Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool.

“The M12 FUEL Ratchets make this a thing of the past.  These new ratchets provide the industry’s first cordless replacement for a majority of pneumatic solutions.  With up to 60ft-lbs of torque, the most compact head design, and the industry’s first brushless motor in a ratchet, these tools help lead the shift in the marketplace from pneumatic to cordless.”

With no hoses, compressors, or cords, a POWERSTATE brushless motor significantly improves the motor life of the M12 FUEL Ratchets compared with the competition.  An investment cast yoke housing and premium anvil materials provide a robust and durable solution to withstand shop and jobsite use.

With a balanced and ergonomic design featuring the most compact head in the industry, the user will be able to access more limited space applications than competitive cordless and pneumatic ratchets. A premium rubber over mould withstands corrosive materials and provides increased comfort when in use.

Available in October of 2017, the M12 FUEL Ratchets are compatible with the M12 cordless system, now offering more than 80 power tool products.

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