New Fresh Breeze Cabin Filters From FRAM

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One of the star products presented by FRAM at NACE Automechanika Chicago was its new Fresh Breeze cabin filter.

Known for its range of quality oil filters, FRAM also showcased its new range of Fresh Breeze cabin filters.

“Often motorists do not even know that their car has a filter that controls the quality of the air entering the passenger compartment,” said Matthew Linko, Technical Trainer at FRAM.”This part which should be replaced every year, filters pollen and dust but also chemical pollutants, especially hydrocarbons. ”

The FRAM Fresh Breeze cockpit air filter consists of a filter element that contains charcoal and baking soda. The charcoal gives the filter element its darker appearance. Combined with baking soda it also absorbs odors that can penetrate a vehicle’s ventilation system.

“During a vehicle inspection, the technician should recommend that customers replace a cabin filter every 25,000 km or annually, even if it means showing them the old one to notice the difference, said Linko. The importance of the air quality that will be diffused in the passenger compartment must be emphasized. ”

The FRAM filter is available for all passenger cars.


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