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The new Autotech training program for Quebec-based mechanical repair shops has proven so successful it may very well be delivered across the entire North-American market. The initial round of training, tailored specifically for Quebec shops, has proven to be extremely popular, which has drawn the attention of American NAPA officials, who are considering a major initiative across their entire network.

Since May 2017, Autotech has delivered a suite of programs tailored to the Quebec market in 16 specific territories. The tailor-made program follows a schedule adapted to the Quebec market, based on peak times.

“The NAPA training program database is both extensive and wide-ranging, and our market is unique, as vehicle repair shops in Quebec express more interest in hands-on training, while shops in the North-American market in general are interested more in theoretical training,” explains NAPA Autotech Quebec trainer, Dany Leblanc. “We therefore implemented a program with a fifty-fifty split between theoretical and hands-on training.”

Although the program was created specifically for the Quebec market, NAPA could use it as a template for its North-American network. “American and Canadian NAPA officials outside of Quebec have shown a keen interest and are looking at leveraging the formula,” states Dany Leblanc. “If the program is well-received, NAPA headquarters in the U.S. will be seeking to apply it across North America. All eyes are on NAPA Quebec, which makes us extremely proud.”

According to Leblanc, although still in its infancy, the program is already a resounding success. “Participation has been remarkable – we’ve already exceeded our objectives after only one and a half months. We were overwhelmed by our own success,” he declares. “People were waiting for a hands-on program tailored to their needs, and one of our evening sessions saw over 100 people in attendance.”

Interested shops can either register for training packages or individual sessions, which are available in every Quebec region.  The NAPA Autotech tailor-made training program is managed through the NAPA Auto Parts store network. If you wish to register, contact your local NAPA Auto Parts store.

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