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Many of the industry’s leading experts will be on hand at AAPEX 2017 to discuss automotive technology and the biggest opportunities/challenges it presents for auto repair shops.

Director of Emerging Technologies for the Auto Care Association, Joe Register will be among the experts during AAPEXedu sessions. Register said, “One of the biggest opportunities is replacement and calibration services for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) devices, such as LIDAR, radar and image processing, which offer new revenue opportunities for repair shops, if they have the right equipment and properly trained technicians.”

He added, “A real game changer is the possibility of remote diagnosis enabled by vehicle telematics, which has the potential to move the industry from scheduled routine maintenance services, to predictive maintenance based on information obtained from on-board fault detection and isolation (FDI) systems.”

Brian Daugherty, Chief Technology Officer, Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA), will also be one of the expert speakers at AAPEX 2017. He said, “One coming and exciting opportunity is vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems – also known as V2V systems. NHTSA has proposed that V2V safety warning systems be required on all new light vehicles. If that rulemaking is finalized, V2V will quickly become available in the aftermarket as well. These systems will require wiring, GPS and V2V antennas, Electronic Control Units, and display screens. Installing and maintaining these systems will become a rapidly growing business opportunity.

“As well, the advanced sensors and increasingly complex nature of the new systems, such as ADAS, V2V, telematics, connectivity, and automated driving, will require very skilled technicians,” said Daugherty.

Attend AAPEX to learn more about the impact of automotive technology on auto repair and service. Visit attendee registration at aapexshow.com/news.

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