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To help provide service shops with more informed choices regarding lift replacement and purchase, Forward Lift is offering new free resources—a Two-Post and Four-Post specific buyer’s guides.

These guides are designed to help shop owners navigate the multiple configurations and accessories available in these popular lift styles.

The guides help shops to clarify their needs and covers many aspects they should consider to determine which lift is the best choice for them. Both buyer’s guides are available free of charge at forwardlift.com.

The Forward Lift Two-Post Buyer’s Guide (available for download at forwardlift.com) covers the following:

  • Benefits of two-post lifts
  • Asymmetrical vs. symmetrical lifts
  • Different sizes of lifts
  • What’s important in a two-post lift
  • Specific lift options and features

The Forward Lift Four-Post Buyer’s Guide available for download at forwardlift.com) covers:

  • Benefits of four-post lifts
  • Different lift configurations
  • Determining cost vs. value
  • Specific lift options

“Because your lift is the center of your service bay, there are few more important—and daunting—decisions than determining which lift is the right fit to support your current business and future growth,” said John Uhl, Director, Light-Duty Product Management for Forward Lift parent company Vehicle Service Group. “We developed these buyer’s guides to increase shop owners’ confidence in their lift purchasing decisions by asking insightful questions and directing them through the appropriate considerations. Finding the best two- or four-post lift for your shop takes a little time and research. In the end, though, it’s worth the effort.”

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