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Tracer Products’ TP-8656 OPTI-PRO Plus leak detection kit is designed to help automotive service technicians trace A/C system leaks fast and efficiently.

The TP-8656 OPTI-PRO Kit offers a number of features designed to maximize technician efficiency.

These include a TP-8655 OPTI-PRO Plus cordless, rechargeable, true UV LED leak detection flashlight to assist with fast, accurate leak detection. Onboard recharging provides added convenience.

Other key aspects of the TP-8656 OPTI-PRO kit include an EZ-Shot A/C dye injection gun; a R-134a hose/coupler with purge fitting, plus an 8 oz (237 ml) BigEZ R-134a/PAG multi-dose A/C dye cartridge that enables servicing for up to 64 vehicles.

The kit also includes an 8 oz (237 ml) spray bottle of GLO-AWAY dye cleaner as well as a Smart AC charger; fluorescence-enhancing glasses and a rugged carrying case.

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october, 2021

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