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The megaspin 420 wheel balancer from Hoffmann Megaplan is designed to maximize efficiency and value for service/tire shops.

A combination of revolutionary new technology, incredible simplicity, and typical Hofmann Megaplan reliability make this, in our opinion, the best value wheel balancer on the market today.

Boasting the Hofmann brand’s new ‘no check spin’ technology and 6 o’clock weight positioning, the megaspin 420 (part no. HOFHM-10420) only requires the operator to select the weight position(s) and lower the hood. Two laser points guide the operator to the chosen weight position, and the rim locks into position at each inner and outer 6 o’clock placement position. There is no possibility for error, no chance of the machine throwing up an extra 5 or 10gms, and absolutely no check spin required. Other features include an automatic LED that lights up whenever a weight position is being chosen, and a new design which sees the balancing shaft brought forward and the chassis narrowed to allow unimpeded access when selecting positions or applying weights.

The megaspin 420 is designed to be fast, accurate and easy to work with. The complete new chassis of this machine allows significantly more accessible work space than conventional balancing machines. This balancer is perfect for shops where speed and efficiency count the most.


  • 100 rpm balancing speed
  • 10” to 28” (254 mm to 711 mm) maximum wheel width
  • 165 lbs. maximum wheel/tire assembly weight
  • Automatic gauges set distance, width and diameter
  • LED to “light up” area for adhesive weight placement
  • No check spin required—Laser dot designation for adhesive weight placement


Rim width 1.5” (38.1mm) to 20” (508 mm)

Rim diameter 10” (254mm) to 28” (711mm)

Maximum tire width 18.5” (469mm)

Maximum tire diameter 40” (1016mm)

Maximum assembly weight 165 lbs. (74.8kg

Speed (RPM) 100 rpm

Voltage 110V

Weight 298 lbs. (135 kg)

Packaged dimensions 44.5” (1130mm x 57” (1448mm) x 45.25” (1149mm)

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