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Snap-on’s ECARB042 is a new, slim, 450 lumen convertible work light that flips to become a 300 lumen flashlight.

The ECARB042 is currently one of the only convertible lights on the market. It is also the first light in the Snap-on line that charges via USB-C. Moving to this new standard in charging ports has eliminated one of the greatest challenges in USB charging—the directional plug. USB-C uses a non-directional plug enabling it to power up in any orientation, which means no more fumbling around with power cords.

Additionally, the ECARB042 offers intelligent lighting control with a dimming function. Once the brightness button is held down and the level selected, the light will “remember” the setting. This eliminates the annoying ‘click-through’ process of most multi-brightness tools in the market.

“Snap-on created this product in response to input from our customers…primarily to make it slim, easy to plug in and charge, bright enough in both modes, and possess intelligent dimming settings,” said Mark Ganey, Snap-on Product Manager.

“This is a premium construction, thin, solid bar light and our answer to, ‘what’s the next thing we can do to make lighting unique in the market?”

Two built-in magnets hold the convertible light in place while working and for easy storage. The IP65 rating allows the light exposure to water and dust in the harshest of environments without any reduction in performance. Intelligent lighting control and the latest in battery technology enables the convertible to operate for three hours at 100 percent or up to six hours at 40 percent brightness. An on-board battery fuel gauge provides a visual for technicians to see the light’s remaining power.

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