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Spectra Premium, along with race car driver and company ambassador Jean-François Dumoulin, has revealed its new NSCR100 radiator.

Dumoulin will be putting the NSCR100 to the test during trial sessions scheduled to take place in the U.S. at the end of March.

Alongside the NSCR100, the latest 2017 #04 Spectra Premium/Bernier Crépeau/Groupe Bellemare/ MIA stock car was also unveiled.  The car will be equipped with the NSCR100 radiator during the course of the season.

Spectra Premium Industries says it welcomed the opportunity to develop this new high performance racing technology. “We’ve approached this project just as we would with any customer; with the mindset of adding value. It was important to understand the existing challenges and what we could improve upon in order to offer a better product,” said Serge Guénette, Vice President Manufacturing, Spectra Premium.

This innovation is the result of merging Spectra Premium engineers’ expertise with that of the Dumoulin Compétition crew. “Our collaboration with the Dumoulin team, that began in 2015, demonstrates the dedication and pride of all Spectra Premium employees to continually improve the technology found in all of the vehicles on our roads. The reliability of our products represents a performance guarantee for family cars, specialized fleets, and now race cars. Performance and collaboration are values that unite our Premium team and Jean-François Dumoulin’s team,” said Jason Best, Senior Vice President, Spectra Premium.

Spectra Premium ambassador Jean-François Dumoulin reiterated the importance of teamwork in the development of this project. “Working together has enabled us to gather the necessary data for optimally positioning the NSCR100 radiator in the car, as well as optimizing air flow to improve on-track performance. Spectra Premium’s expertise will allow us to maximize efficiency for the both the NSCR100 radiator and other new parts that will be installed on the car.”

Features of the NSCR100 high performance radiator include:

  • Full aluminum radiator, using optimal balanced material thickness to minimize weight
  • Heavy gauge tubes for increased durability
  • Reinforced first rows of tubes to increase mechanical resistance without compromising coolant flow
  • Aluminum Oil cooler incorporated in the radiator’s tank, eliminating any additional weight, as well as extra hoses and connections, which frees up space under the hood of the car
  • Anchor points allow for the installation and removal of the radiator in a faster and more efficient way (special tools are no longer necessary) all while allowing inclination of the radiator in the desired angle for optimized air flow
  • Robust installation of the radiator on the shroud, using quick connectors found in aircraft and high-performance race cars
  • Integrated lightweight fan brackets allowing a secure and robust installation of a wide range of electric fans with minimal airflow restriction
  • Standard threaded insert system for quick and reliable fan installation
  • Universal connection inlet port offering painless customization of the coolant hose circuit, based on racing team requirements
  • Radiator vent relocation to avoid damage in the event of light frontal impacts
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