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Actron has released a dual plane camera adapter, P/N CP3883, for its CP7669 video inspection scope.

The adapter, available in North America, provides up to a 270-degree view with an inline and side camera. Views can be changed with a push-button switch, giving greater access to under hood and undercar vehicle problems.

The new adapter features a three-foot flexible waterproof camera tube with 9 mm 2-D camera. When attached to the Actron 7669 video inspection scope the dual plane adapter’s camera is displayed on a 2.4 inch LCD screen and includes a high-intensity white LED light for dim locations. It allows inspection of all angles within a cylinder as well as viewing fluid lines for leaks and to examine corrosion and wear on a vehicle.

The camera also benefits from eight levels contrast for clear viewing of vehicle parts and six levels of LED brightness when paired with the inspection scope.

Accompanying Actron’s full line of DIY products, the camera adapter can be used to diagnose misfire, acceleration and rough idle issues with Actron’s CP7827 and CP7828A compression testers when inspecting the inside of a cylinder and top of the piston inside the cylinder.

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