Tracerline Offers OEM-grade A/C Leak Detection Kit

Tracerline Products has introduced an OEM-grade R-1234yf A/C Leak Detection Kit.

Designed to make detecting A/C system leaks fast and efficient, the TP-8658 OEM-Grade R-1234yf A/C Leak Detection Kit incorporates a powerful and compact TP-8655 OPTI-PRO Plus cordless, rechargeable LED violet light leak detection flashlight with a convenient on-board recharging feature.

The kit also includes an EZ-Ject A/C dye injector assembly as well as 15 ml (0.5-oz) EZ-Ject R-1234yf/R-134a/PAG multi-dose A/C dye cartridge as well as a R-1234yf hose/coupler with a purge fitting.

Also included with the kit is a smart A/C charger, fluorescent-enhancing safety glasses as well as a durable carrying case.

The TP-8658 OEM-Grade R-1234yf A/C Leak Detection Kit is designed to service up to 14 vehicles making it highly suitable for small and medium-sized automotive service locations.



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july, 2021

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