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Epicor Software Corporation has announced that manufacturers of automotive replacement parts continue to report significant gains in new-parts data timeliness as a result of the company’s expanded “Net Adds” data publishing capability.

The Net Adds tool enables Epicor to publish new part numbers and other time-sensitive file changes in the industry-leading Epicor PartExpert eCatalog without revalidating entire data sets. Epicor is now publishing a vast majority of manufacturer-supplied new-parts files within five days of receipt.

“Net Adds has helped us tremendously in making sure accurate parts data is available in the market when we’re ready to launch new products,” said Duane Meadows, Senior Catalogue Manager DENSO Products and Services Americas Inc. “Nothing makes our alarms go off faster than if our new data is not in the Epicor catalogue, and Net Adds has completely changed this. We have seen tremendous improvements in timeliness.”

In addition to dramatically accelerating the data validation and publishing cycle for industry manufacturers, Epicor now offers free weekly, automated eCatalog downloads for the thousands of aftermarket distributors, jobbers and other customers who rely on the PartExpert eCatalog. The Dynamic Updates service automatically refreshes the user’s eCatalog data set with the latest Net Adds, ensuring faster access to part numbers and other information necessary to research and sell thousands of additional products.

“We’ve seen a night-and-day improvement in data turnaround and delivery time,” said Tim Oldiges, Product Manager, KYB Americas. “Epicor’s assessment reporting is also extremely detailed and helpful, which enables us to identify and address any data issues much more quickly.”

The Net Adds and Dynamic Updates tools are  the latest in a continuing series of enhancements to Epicor eCatalog products and services. The PartExpert eCatalog, which includes more than 12 million unique part numbers from over 2,000 manufacturers, is published in several formats each month to address the requirements of virtually every popular aftermarket business software platform. In addition, the Epicor replacement parts database is embedded in automotive shop management platforms, B2B eCommerce portals and wholesaler and retailer eStores. It has been estimated that more than 70 percent of all North American automotive aftermarket transactions are facilitated through Epicor-validated parts data and related content and connectivity solutions.

“From the very beginning of eCataloging in the aftermarket, Epicor has been considered the industry’s de facto standard, and we take that role and responsibility very seriously,” said Scott Thompson, Vice President, Automotive, Analytics and Content, Epicor Software. “That’s why we don’t simply redistribute supplier data without extensive validation and other value-added services that help ensure that the ultimate customer gets the right answer and the right part the first time. Net Adds and Dynamic Updates software preserve our longstanding accuracy and usability advantage while addressing the ever increasing velocity of the aftermarket supply chain.”

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