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Shops that have marketed their business based on price attract price-focussed people. This affects the very profitability of the shop as well as putting them into a position of working very hard instead of smart.

Consider that in the Independent sector, we are a knowledge-based business and we must obtain the “right price” for what we deliver. We’re responsible to the consumer, namely, educating them and counselling them on safety and reliability of their vehicle based on how they use it.

Understand this fact: “Knowing how to highlight and quantify value is a new skill set.”

When you are trying to do it right and price it right and then run into a consumer who questions “price”, learn to look at it this way; the price “challenge” is not an objection but a true indicator that the consumer does not understand the value to be communicated or quantified correctly in their mind. Slow down and define the value to the consumer clearly that differentiates what you are offering. When it’s done correctly the price issue just becomes part of the discussion and not the stumbling block you may perceive.

Review your value proposition. Train your team members to understand it so they too can walk the talk that the business they work in is unique and they’re very proud of that.

Thank you to the many readers that send their comments to me during the year. I value the time you took to reach out.

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season and hope you make the time to truly enjoy your Family and Friends. As many readers who know me, Christmas is a very important time for me. I’m spending special time with my sons and Family.

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