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Building a successful business is always a journey, not a short trip. It’s called a “Career”.

 Consider this definition of success: “Knowledge and behavior coming together to keep moving forward with calmness, clarity and confidence. ”Notice the five key words in that definition:

  1. Knowledge – as mentioned many times in my articles, you must have a Learning Culture within your Business Culture today.
  2. Behavior – walk the talk, let people see through your behavior–you doing first what you’ll ask them to do to join you in the journey.
  3. Calmness – you’ve done the math; you know you’re going in the right direction.
  4. Clarity – measuring the business properly daily, weekly and monthly and sharing that information with your Team keeps everyone engaged in the desired results.
  5. Confidence – you have found, trained and retained the right people who BELIEVE in the journey you’ve laid out for them and the shop is on.

 When the definition is carried out with this understanding, you’ll enjoy your dream and the people who joined you will also have a tremendous life. Thank you for being the Entrepreneur that’s so respected in the Independent Sector of the Aftermarket Industry.

 If you’d like help, we’re here; it’s our specialty. Reach out and e-mail me:  [email protected]

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Carrossier Procolor St-Jérôme
  Full time
Carrossier Kyoto
Shop Foreman
  Full time
Chateauguay Honda Desjardins
Sales Representative
  Full time
Acura Plus Blainville
Parts Clerk
  Full time
Canadian Tire Whitby North
3rd or 4th Year Apprentice Service Technician
  Full time

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