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On October 20th, 2016, Donald Thibault and Phillippe Bussieres of Uni-Select delivered a workshop in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia covering the maintenance of Gas Direct Injection (GDI) engines. Nine mechanics from five local automotive shops were in attendance.

Mr. Thibault began with an introduction and history of fuel injection from its inception in 1912 to its commercial release in the Chevrolet Corvette and Bel Air in 1957.

 He discussed the advantage of GDI systems to reduce air pollution, improve the driving experience, reduce fuel consumption and provide superior performance and power. He passed components around for the participants to examine as he discussed design features, such as how the frequency of air passing through the baffles of a manifold impacts performance.

 Mr. Bussieres used actual engines and components in hands-on demonstrations of GDI systems. He passed around a BMW fuel injector and explained that it is designed for German gasoline, which is cleaner than that which is refined in Canada. As a result, BMW injectors clog more frequently here than in their native country. He spoke about the pressure of the hot fuel in a GDI system that can reach 2000 pounds per square inch. A small hole in a line can send a stream of fuel capable of piercing skin. Because of this higher pressure, it is vitally important to disconnect all power sources to the fuel pumps before servicing.

 Several participants said the hands-on training was excellent and that they would be able to put it to use.

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