Plombco launches new StickPro Wheel Weights

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PLOMBCO has introduced StickPro, a new brand of adhesive wheel weights and related accessories.

With trends indicating the passenger car market is moving towards the increasing use of flangeless wheels, Plombco has increased its product offering to include a variety of coloured adhesive wheel weights, which includes black and chrome, multiple packaging options (boxed or in rolls) and a choice of many sizes (from ¼ oz to 2 oz).

Plombco manufactures its adhesive wheel weights in steel, lead and zinc for passenger vehicle, motorcycle and truck wheels. “We want to differentiate our premium products made in Canada from other adhesive products made overseas,” said Martin Lussier, President of Plombco Inc. “Our StickPro family of products exceed the industry standards and we want to stay on top.”

The StickPro brand, in addition to the adhesive wheel weights, also includes a full line of tools, accessories and cleaners necessary to properly remove the existing weight and left over adhesive residue. Continued advancements in technology has enable Plombco to consistently develop new products that assist the tire installer to properly clean and prepare the wheel while saving them time and money. “We have recently launched a new product called StickPro wheel cleaner. This is an excellent product for proper wheel preparation,” said Martin Lussier.

“We strongly believe that Plombco will continue to be a leader in the adhesive wheel weight global industry.”

To learn more about Plombco and StickPro products, click here.

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