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Early-Bird Registration Opens for NAFA

Registration opens for NAFA’s 2017 Institute & Expo, taking place in Tampa, Florida. Registration has officially opened for NAFA’s 2017 I&E at nafainstitute.org with early-bird rates…

Ram 1500 Is Still King of the Hill

2017 Ram 1500 wins Canadian Truck King Challenge. For the third year in a row, the Ram 1500 has been crowned the overall winner of the…

Toyota to Sell Fuel Cell Buses

Fuel cell buses will be available in Japan in 2017. Toyota Motor Corporation will begin to sell fuel cell buses (FC buses) under the Toyota brand…

Element Hosts Annual Roundtable

2016 Fleet Roundtable brings together the fleet industry.  Element Fleet Management held its annual Fleet Roundtable, bringing together hundreds of customers, automotive manufacturers and fleet professionals…

In-Car Technology: Blessing or Curse?

Does modern technology help or hinder fleet driver productivity? A recent survey by European carmaker, Skoda, boasted that in-car technology boosted fleet driver productivity by a…

Ford Rethinks the Car Interior

A third of consumers now own a smartphone, a computer and a tablet – a 140 percent increase over the last three years. As the number…

Toyota Hosts Product Review

Fleet professionals gather to learn about Toyota’s latest innovations and products. The Copper Creek Golf Club, located in Kleinburg, Ontario served as the backdrop for Toyota…

FCA HQ Dons a New Look

New building wrap celebrates the arrival of the 2017 Pacifica Hybrid. FCA headquarters, in Auburn Hills, Michigan, is celebrating the Pacifica Hybrid with a new building…

ARI Recognized by OBAA

ARI has been named 2016 Ontario Business Achievement Award  (OBAA) Finalist.  ARI has been selected as an Ontario Business Achievement Award (OBAA) finalist for the Skills…

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Fleet Vehicle – An Evolution

As recent vehicle sales figures prove, the market is changing quickly. Electric vehicles, and electrified vehicles are making headlines as a growing number of manufacturers look beyond the traditional internal combustion engine. Whether an electric vehicle, or an electrified vehicle is right for your fleet is a matter that each fleet manager must assess independently, and it’s our goal to arm you with the insight and knowledge you need in order to make the right decision. Of course, managing a fleet of vehicles is a big job that requires an understanding of many different areas of the industry. This is why we bring you the entire automotive world in one information-packed publication, and with regular updates and news features online.

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