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On any given day, you have vehicles off the road for both preventive and unplanned maintenance or accident repairs. Your fleet is still capable of supporting your business needs, but it’s sad how much untracked downtime costs are detracting from hard-earned revenues.

Even if you know what you’re paying for parts and labor, are you also accounting for related costs like towing and rental vehicles? How about the soft costs that have a significant impact on your entire organization – like missed customer opportunities?

You can’t understand your total cost of ownership unless you are able to measure and control downtime.


  • Not conducting the recommended preventive maintenance – You’re trying to reduce costs by skipping routine maintenance or just extending the intervals. The money you are saving in the short term is marginal compared to the long-term cost of engine and powertrain failures that occur due to lack of attention.
  • Not using telematics to monitor how long your vehicles are sitting at repair shops – When a vehicle enters the shop, you’re trusting the work will start right away and that the driver will pick up the vehicle as soon as the work is done. That’s not realistic; it’s certainly not cost effective. A sitting vehicle gathers no business growth.
  • Not having the right vehicles for the job – Overweight, unbalanced, and ill-fitted vehicles accelerate wear and tear. Even small issues with your specs can culminate in large mechanical problems over time and extend downtime.

You’re challenged to quantify exactly how much downtime is costing your organization. We have the solution. Click here for more information about reducing downtime, including videos, white papers, and customer stories. (fleetisaninvestment.ca)

Successful downtime tracking gives you visibility to every vehicle awaiting repairs.


Identifying trends and controlling costs leads to happy fleets. With the right tools and strategic partner, you can integrate all of your fleet data and use advanced analytical tools to avoid downtime.

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