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Toyota announced two new feature updates to its vehicle lineup.

Toyota plans to deploy Automatic Engine Shut Off and Automatic Park features to vehicle lineup starting from the Model Year 2020.

The Automatic Engine Shut Off, or “Auto Shut Off” will feature enhanced audible and visual warning to its Smart Key System (SKS), where the engine will automatically turn off after a predetermined period if the vehicle is left running. Smartphone App capabilities will be available in the future as an added reminder on top of the vehicle’s two-step alert that notifies the driver that the engine is still running.

The Automatic Park will automatically shift the vehicle into the “park” position or apply the brakes through electronic means in case the driver leaves the car without placing it in “park.”

Alongside previous innovations, like Toyota Safety Sense, Lexus Safety System + packages with automatic emergency braking, Toyota aims to continue improving customers’ experience with more technological advancements.

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