2019 NAFA I&E: Winds of Change

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Change and innovation were the central themes of the 2019 edition of the NAFA Institute and Expo (I&E).

A majority of guest speakers focused on the impact of the advanced technologies currently reshaping fleet management practices. Digital futurist keynote speaker Chris Riddell launched the event with a presentation of key issues including the sharing economy, blockchain technology, augmented intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

This year marked the introduction of a condensed three-day conference format to help participants better manage their schedules. As the vendor expo is now included in the event schedule, vendors benefitted from increased visibility, as participants no longer had to choose between workshops, presentations and the vendor expo.

The final day of the conference was dedicated to mobility technology, including a morning round-table session hosted by leaders of the major fleet management companies, who discussed how new startups and mobility solutions are impacting the way they manage their activities. A presentation  by keynote speaker Lukas Neckermann, author of several books focused on new mobility paradigms, which he envisions as being green and electric, capped off the day’s activities.

Event organizers invited participants to update their calendars in order to set aside time to attend next year’s event, which will take place from April 6-8, in Indianapolis.

Comprehensive coverage of the 2019 NAFA I&E will be available in the upcoming edition of fleetdigest. For now, take a look at our Pictorial.

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