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Cybersecurity is fast becoming a high priority in fleet management.

Transport Canada has launched a consultation on Cyber Security of Automated and Connected Vehicles (AV/CV) to seek stakeholder views on legislation and regulations, standards, guidance, information sharing, education and training, and testing and research.

While AV/CVs are providing vehicles that are safer, greener and more efficient for Canadians, the increase in connectivity needs to be regulated to ensure vehicles provide safety at all levels, including cybersecurity.

With the increase in onboard sensors, radars, laser scanners, and cameras, and the internal use of Bluetooth, wireless hotspots and other technologies, AV/CVs can collect an enormous amount of data from their surrounding environments, which can make them defenseless to cyber-attacks, privacy breaches, and inadvertent disclosures.

These kinds of attacks can be particularly challenging for fleets; hence, policies on this matter should focus on identifying the vulnerabilities in the design of the technology and ensuring consumer’s personal data is protected. At the same time, safety for regulating the integration of AV/CVs on today’s roads should not affect or block progress and innovation.

NAFA has been actively pursuing solutions to the issue of cybersecurity with regards to new technologies like AV/CVs. As a partnership member of the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center, NAFA will submit a response to Transport Canada, expressing the views of fleet managers on this issue and monitor any new developments.

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