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Winnipeg Richardson International Airport unveiled ‘Otto’ as the first autonomous airport snowplough in North America.

‘Otto’ is an ATI Snow Mauler designed to clear snow by following predetermined routes and controlling the plough blade at specific locations, using Northstar Robotics technology.

“Autonomous technology is changing how we work,” added Shawn Schaerer, President and Founder of Northstar Robotics. “It is exciting to partner with companies that are ready to adapt and pioneer this cutting-edge technology.”

The vehicle can now operate in less complex areas of the airport, while research and development will continue to improve its performance so it can be used in other areas of the airport too.

“Launching North America’s first autonomous snowplough is a great achievement for Winnipeg Richardson International Airport,” said Barry Rempel, President and CEO of Winnipeg Airports Authority. “Our success is a direct result of bringing together partners who are committed to lead transportation innovation and growth.”

‘Otto’ is the result of a partnership between Northstar Robotics and Airport Technologies (ATI). It is equipped with 3D LIDAR and RADAR that can determine obstacles in its path and be aware of its surroundings. The plough is further equipped with a fault-tolerant wireless emergency stop system for safety purposes.

“ATI is proud to be part of the team breaking new ground in snow clearing technology,” said ATI’s President, Brendon Smith. “We are excited to continue to find new ways to incorporate autonomous technology into our equipment.”

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