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Quebec City is building its first multi-fuel station and it will be available for use in February.

Automakers delivered an update on the progress of hydrogen fueling infrastructure for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) at the 2019 Montreal International Auto Show.

In partnership with Harnois Energies and Hydrogenics, the station is funded by the Government of Quebec, through Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ), as well as Natural Resources Canada and Toyota.

“To us, what’s most exciting is that the station will use an on-site electrolyzer to turn Quebec’s abundant hydroelectricity into clean, sustainable hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles,” said Martin Gilbert, Director of Corporate Strategy and Innovation, Toyota Canada.  “As a global leader in the production of hydroelectricity, and with this type of technology in place, Quebec is poised to be a world leader in the production of hydrogen.”

Toyota Canada has been a big supporter of the hydrogen movement, supplying a stand-alone hydrogen fueler to the station to assist with uninterrupted customer service. They have also been working alongside the Government of Quebec and other hydrogen stakeholders the necessary backing required for the fueling infrastructure, and training and service support.

In this regard, the company invested in training first responders and its local Toyota dealership technicians on how to FCEVs work and how to handle them safely. To further this goal, the company is also upgrading its Quebec Zone office to be able to provide advanced support for FCEVs in Quebec.

Toyota recently fulfilled the promised they made at last year’s Montreal International show to supply 50 hydrogen FCEVs to Quebec, officially becoming the first automaker within the auto industry to mass-produce FCEVs in Canada. The car is named Toyota Mirai and it has a 500 km range, refuels in five minutes and has proven cold-weather reliability, producing zero carbon emissions.

“Quebec consumers lead the way when it comes to adopting and embracing innovative clean technologies like hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles,” Gilbert told the auto show audience.  “It’s clear that Quebeckers care about the climate–and that they’re willing to take action to make a difference.  It’s why we believe that perhaps more than any other market, Quebec is ready to embrace fuel cell electric vehicles.”

Honda Canada has also recently joined the hydrogen movement in Quebec and will be providing investment support for new hydrogen station in Montreal. With this new station, FCEV travel between Montreal and Quebec City will become more convenient.

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