Study Urges Drivers to Rethink Range Anxiety

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Electric vehicle drivers can go much further on a full charge than they think.

According to research by DrivingElectric.com, the independent consumer advice website on electric vehicles, most drivers could take a full week of normal trips without recharging.

The surprise finding of the study into British driving habits shows most drivers cover fewer miles over seven days than many typical electric cars can manage on one single charge.

While the findings are UK-specific, they do make us rethink our attitudes towards anxiety range here in Canada. DrivingElectric.com analyzed the journey habits of almost 500 drivers and found that the total average mileage covered by most drivers in a typical week falls well within the published ranges of the latest generation of electric cars. Only longer business trips or holidays take drivers far enough to require a mid-journey top-up. 

The findings suggest that one of the main barriers to more widespread adoption of electric vehicles is based on a mistaken assumption among motorists that we travel greater distances under normal circumstances than we really do.

“So-called range anxiety is consistently named by motorists as a main barrier to going all electric, but the facts suggest that range really shouldn’t worry most of us,” said Vicky Parrott, Associate Editor of DrivingElectric.com. “So while many people worry about being able to easily charge-up during a journey, the truth is that electric cars now need charging less frequently for normal use than many of us realize.”

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