Allison to Expand 9-Speed Transmission Availability

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Global launch announced at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show.

Allison Transmission will offer its medium-duty, fully automatic 9-speed transmission globally. The 9-speed boasts significant fuel savings, and Allison says it’s ideal for distribution trucks, rental and lease trucks, and school buses.

“With this new transmission, Allison continues to demonstrate its commitment to help achieve standards regarding fuel efficiency and vehicle emissions,” said David S. Graziosi, President and CEO of Allison Transmission.

The company also announced plans to developed an electric hybrid system with purely electric extended range—up to 15 kilometers. Allison says it’s ideal for transit bus and motor coach applications.

The hybrid system features a higher energy Li-ion battery for extended engine off range, and is able to power accessory components like air conditioning, air compressors and power steering.

Battery charging is accomplished via regenerative braking and engine operation. Allison says the regenerative braking capability can extend the brake change interval by up to 350 percent.

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