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Stay away from odd colour combinations when ordering a vehicle, and you’ll maximize your return when it’s time to remarket it.

Automotive data and valuations company, HPI, is warning against choosing an outlandishly coloured vehicle. Neutral colours like silver, grey, black or white are safe, while outlandish colours can shave thousands off the resale value of a vehicle. 

Mark Bulmer, Consumer Specialist at HPI says, “black, grey and silver have been in the top five most popular colours for a decade or more, so they’re always likely to be a safe bet.”

He adds, “When choosing a car, exterior colour with a matching interior colour is key. Leather trim, larger alloy wheels and panoramic sunroofs usually add value, enhancing the car’s exclusivity and desirability.”

In addition, less popular colours that don’t enhance the vehicle, along with a poor choice of interior colour combination will narrow the chances of selling the vehicle  later.

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