Toyota to Supply Mobility Fleet for 2020 Games

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A diverse fleet will support mobility at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Toyota has announced plans to contribute to supply a fleet of over 3,000 passenger vehicles for official use during the 2020 Games in Tokyo. All vehicles will be equipped with the latest environmental and safety technologies to minimize environmental impact and traffic accidents.

The company says that their mobility solution for the Games are organized around three main pillars: 

  1. Mobility for all
  2. Sustainability, centering on the realization of a hydrogen society, with the environment and safety as core principles
  3. Transportation support of staff, media and athletes between Games venues using a Toyota Production System (TPS)-based system.

“The freedom of being mobile is at the heart of being able to participate in society,” said Toyota President Akio Toyoda. “If someone wants to take on a challenge and moving is what is preventing them from doing so, Toyota would like to help tackle that problem. We want mobility to be a possibility, not an obstacle.”

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