Honeywell Debuts Precision Navigation Technology

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New compact and lightweight inertial navigation technology improves accuracy especially in urban environments.

Honeywell has produced a new inertial navigation unit that the company says provides accurate navigation for a broad range of industries including autonomous vehicles.

Called the HGuide n580, this navigation solution can navigate accurately in areas with limited satellite coverage, such as densely populated cities where tall buildings, underground tunnels, and multi-layer freeway stacks or bridges often create challenges to traditional global positioning system (GPS) navigation.

“The blend of inertial and satellite navigation capabilities provided by the HGuide n580 is especially important where precision is required in demanding environments — for example, autonomous cars traveling in cities, where our technology can extend the accuracy and performance of navigational systems while keeping passengers safe,” said Chris Lund, Senior Director, Navigation and Sensors, Honeywell Aerospace.

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