Fleet Complete Celebrates 10th Year as Top ICT Company

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This is the 10th year for Fleet Complete as one of Branham300 top performing technology companies.

A global provider of connected mobility solutions, Fleet Complete is celebrating their 10th year among the Branham300 top industry performers. This year, Fleet Complete ranks 87th out of 250 Canadian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) firms.

With a number of OE partnerships, Fleet Complete aims to collaborate on solutions for smaller commercial fleets that want to benefit from big data analytics.

“This is ultimately our goal,” said Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete, “We want to help fleets thrive no matter the size or their profit margins. Everyone should have access to safe and reliable mobility, which starts with connected vehicle solutions like ours.”

He added, “This is why it is such an honour to be named to the Branham300’s top-performing ICT companies list for the 10th year in a row. It means we are getting ever closer to our goal of bringing advanced connected mobility solutions to more people and helping create new business models that enable that.”

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