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GM’s fleet offerings were proudly on display at their latest Summit in Tennessee.

More than 860 fleet professionals attended GM’s 2018 Fleet Solutions Summit, which took in May in Nashville, Tennessee. The three-day Summit gave fleet managers, fleet management company representatives, GM customers, upfitters and select media an opportunity to experience GM’s newest products and technologies.

One of the key takeaways is that GM isn’t simply selling vehicles. They’re eager to partner with their customers, get to know their businesses and their needs so as to provide the top-notch products and service fleet professionals need, and demand.

In fact, GM recently announced that they’re expanding the Commercial Link fleet management tool into the Canadian market. Previously available only in the U.S., this fleet management solution was specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses and allows fleet managers to access key vehicle information such as location, fuel level, distance driven and maintenance needs at any time.

“Our customers are always looking for ways to increase the productivity of their vehicles, while at the same time saving money to become a better business,” said Peter Bagnall, Director, General Motors Fleet in Canada. “Commercial Link provides an up-to-date component so that they are always in touch with their vehicles’ performance and location, no matter where they are.”

Tough trucks

While all of GM’s vehicles were proudly on display for all to experience, many were most interested in GM’s trucks, especially the all-new Silverado and Sierra models. While the Silverado has been seen at auto shows both here in Canada and in the U.S., this was the first time GM customers had an opportunity to drive one.

As for the next-generation 2019 Sierra, its MultiPro Tailgate (amongst other features) truly impressed onlookers. A masterpiece of innovation, the MultiPro Tailgate has to be seen to be believed. GMC has turned the humble tailgate into a multifunctional tool, complete with a load stop system, a full-width step, a work surface and much more.


Top of mind for all fleet professionals is safety. That’s why GM dedicated an entire section of the Summit to safety, with an emphasis on advanced driver safety systems that keep vehicle occupants, as well as other drivers and their vehicles, safely out of harm’s way.

From advanced systems that warn the driver of another vehicle in a blindspot, to camera systems that give the driver a bird’s eye view of their immediate surroundings, to incredibly intelligent technologies, like Super Cruise, a true hands-free driving technology, GM is innovating with safety and security for all in mind.

Future developments

Never content to rest on their laurels, GM is forging ahead with even more innovations for the near future. They have a zero emissions plan in place, and the company continues to develop ways to make their fleet customers more productive and to keep fleet drivers safer on the road.

The annual GM Fleet Solutions Summit is a unique event. Not only does it give fleet professionals an opportunity to experience the latest vehicles and technologies, but it also gives them access to GM’s tech experts, who are more than eager to answer questions and provide the kind of insight fleet managers need in order to make the most educated and informed decisions.

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