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New partnership will make life easier for fleet drivers and their managers.

Wheels, a fleet management company, has announced a partnership with Uber for Business, a platform that allows companies to manage ground transportation with Uber.

Wheels will maintain and finance an Uber for Business company profile on behalf of their clients. Participating fleet drivers will use the Wheels’ account for their business travel needs. This will allow Wheels to capture trip details and related expenses, eliminating the need for drivers to put together a travel and expense report later.

Once the information is captured, Wheels will provide fleet managers with the data via FleetView, their online fleet management system.

“Our clients get the benefit of being able to view and manage trip activity in one place, directly in our online portal FleetView,” said Dan Belknap, Director of Product Management at Wheels. “Our integrated dashboard offers insight into what is happening when a fleet vehicle isn’t being utilized; an often overlooked piece to the bigger mobility solution.”

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