GM’s Commercial Link Comes to Canada

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OnStar-based service provides fleet managers and business owners with access to a detailed, near real-time view of their vehicle operations.

General Motors is expanding its Commercial Link fleet management tool into the Canadian market. This fleet management solution was specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses and allows fleet managers to access key vehicle information such as location, fuel level, distance driven and maintenance needs at any time.

“Our customers are always looking for ways to increase the productivity of their vehicles, while at the same time saving money to become a better business,” said Peter Bagnall, Director, General Motors Fleet in Canada. “Commercial Link provides an up-to-date component so that they are always in touch with their vehicles’ performance and location, no matter where they are.”

Commercial Link employs OnStar hardware to access key vehicle information, and is available on most 2015 model year and newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles with factory installed OnStar. The service costs $12 (plus taxes) per vehicle, per month.

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