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2019 Sierra boasts innovations that set it apart from the competition.

Detroit, Michigan – GMC introduced a completely redesigned 2019 Sierra Denali and SLT to North American media recently.

“GMC ignited the premium truck segment 17 years ago with the original launch of the Sierra Denali,” said Duncan Aldred, VP of Global GMC. “The next generation 2019 Sierra Denali establishes a new benchmark in capability and refinement. It exemplifies precision in every detail.”

All new, inside and out, the 2019 Sierra will be available with innovative features that set it apart from the pack. These include:

A MultiPro Tailgate: This masterpiece of innovation has to be seen to be believed. GMC has turned the humble tailgate into a multifunctional tool, complete with a load stop system, a full-width step, a work surface and much more.

A CarbonPro Carbon-Fiber Pickup Box. Coming soon, the carbon-fiber box was engineered for increased durability. GMC says it’s dent, scratch and corrosion resistant.

A ProGrade Trailering System with Trailering App: This trailering system includes an all-new Trailering App featuring a Pre-Departure checklist, Maintenance Reminders, Trailer Light Test, Trailer Electrical Diagnostics and Trailer Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring.

A Head-Up Display: Available till now mostly on premium sedans, this technology projects speed, GPS and other vehicle data onto the windshield to help drivers keep their eyes on the road.

Rear Camera Mirror: Currently available on some GM vehicles, this technology turns the rearview mirror into a screen that projects the view from a rear-facing camera, thereby overcoming visual obstructions like occupants or cargo.

The 2019 GMC Sierra Denali and SLT go on sale this fall. Look for a full report in the next issue of fleetdigest.

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