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Dubai is home to the biggest fleet of Rolls-Royce Ghost cars in the world.

MAG Lifestyle Development (MAG) has unveiled the biggest fleet of Rolls-Royce Ghost motor cars in the world. The fleet, which originally included twelve Ghost models, has now grown to a total of 30 vehicles.

The new fleet, says the company, reflects MAG’s promise to go beyond bricks and mortar by offering its customers an entirely new way of living at its luxury developments.

“The vehicles are perfectly at home in our polished environments and we look forward to offering our customers the chance to travel in ultimate style as part of their MAG lifestyle,” said Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, CEO of MAG. “We are committed to enhancing our residents’ lives down to the very last detail and we are confident that our Rolls-Royce fleet will heighten the premium lifestyle they can unlock as owners of luxury MAG properties.”

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