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Volvo Trucks believes automation will transform the way we live and work, but not at the expense of professional drivers.

Although technology is moving to a point where cars and trucks will soon be able to drive themselves, Volvo Trucks continues to develop practical solutions to help make the lives of professional drivers, motor carriers and other road users safer and easier now.

While a shift toward using fully automated vehicles forms part of the company’s development plan, Volvo Trucks remains focused on a stepwise approach to implementing advanced driver assistance systems to enhance the driver profession and help further increase safety, productivity and convenience.

“Automation is not about eliminating jobs,” said Ann-Sofi Karlsson, Volvo Trucks’ global director of human factors for automation. “Skilled professional drivers will still be in high demand. As trade and the world population continues to grow, so does the transport of goods. Automation is about making it more efficient.”

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